Well, as you may have understood, my name is Gael Lederrey, and I’m a Ph.D. student at EPFL, Switzerland. I’m currently working in the TRANSP-OR laboratory in Civil Engineering lead by Prof. Michel Bierlaire. My research interests include Discrete Optimization, Operation Research, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

My studies started in an entirely different field. Indeed, I received my Bachelor degree in Physics from EPFL in 2014. After that, I received my Master degree in Computational Science and Engineering (Mathematics) from EPFL, as well, in 2017. During my Master, I also worked during one year for a start-up called nViso. If you want more information about my studies and my work experiences, you can go to my Linkedin profile or download my CV.

I am also a petrolhead. It’s not that I don’t want to take the public transport. But I love cars and motorbikes. Especially the loud ones. =) I am currently saving money to buy my first bike in early 2018.

Anyway, if you want to contact me, you can also send me an email: gael.lederrey@epfl.ch. Or you can directly come to EPFL and find me in my office: My EPFL webpage.